Café-Galería La Vitrina: Knowing More on Cuban Theatre

Café-Galería La Vitrina, en la Memoria Escénica, Matanzas

Daily 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Located in Matanzas, at Casa de la Memoria Escénica, lies the Cafe-Gallery La Vitrina, where mainly all kind of performing arts are featured. This art venue was founded as part of a local cultural project and to the date it has exhibited multiple visual arts (painting, drawings, photography) related to theatre, dance and circus.

One of the singular characteristics of this place is the creativity of the menu, as every offer bears a resemblance with famous Cuban theater plays, starting with the name has been given to drinks, snacks and meals. You can taste either “Ana en el Trópico” which consists of a refreshing lemonade or “El Premio Flaco”, bread with croquette.

We also recommend visitors to take pictures next to the wooden sculpture of Virgilio Piñera, one of the most acclaimed Cuban authors and whose representation also evokes the dramatic work of José Milán.

Address: Milanés Street btw. Jovellanos and Matanzas.

Text: Aracelys Bedevia

Translation: Ibis Sierra Audivert

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