Craft Fair at Obispo

Feria de Obispo, La Habana

Daily 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

The Craft Fair at Obispo, located in one of the most visited streets of Old Havana, is the place where you can easily get from adorns for home, ready to be placed in wall's rooms, to jewellery made of silver, copper and mother-of-pearl, perfect to stand out female beauty.

More than 1000 visitors both Cuban and foreigners come near every day, some of them, motivated by the idea of discovering the products couldn't see the ultimate visit. Others, simply, stopped by and did not resist temptation to cross the entrance to gaze just for a while.

The craft fair opens daily, but Wednesdays, from 10 A.M until 6 P.M. Never miss spellbound clients browsing among each thing hoping to know what material is made of, what is the cost and if it is possible get a bargain.

Anytime of the day, it is a pleasure to step inside so that discover all kind of items: jewellery box made of wood decorated at Oriental style, beautiful designs of handbags and footwear, linen clothes, fabric dresses, earthenware plates with vivid colours images, fine marble works, Old American cars postcards, silk screens, key rings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and many more items.

With its wide range of products, the fair invites you to take a memory with you from your visit, a certain reminder you will return someday, better sooner than later.

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