Outfits Tour

Piscolabis, La Habana

Daily 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

This complete tour begins in the morning with the visit to a young and talented female designer's workshop with years in the fashion industry. Although a budding biologist, she is here to stay with her
special techniques of adapting tradition with refreshing ideas. In this tour, our knowledgeable translators will take you to Cruxero, a colorful store loaded with tropical styles and light, airy clothing.

You will be taken by classic convertibles to several parts of the metropolis and then on a short journey on foot, meeting friendly Cuban people along the way.

Next stop to the workshop of Jennifer Yanes, owner and designer of the popular style shop Medusa. This designer has the only line of convertible clothing, allowing you to do much with only a few outfits.
Dresses that break down into blouses or skirts and many other variations to keep everyone guessing.

After lunch in one the most spectaculars Cuban paladars, Doña Eutimia (not included in the price of the tour), we will spend most of our time in three stores. Freixas, named after one of Cuba's most
prominent designers, Cris Cris and Clandestina.

Cris Cris is influenced by a German designer with a talent for the tropical flair who offers lingerie and swim suits. Two doors down is a stylish t-shirt and cap store with comfortable summer wear with spicy
messages: Clandestina.

Visit workshops and stores and converse with Cubans in English or many other languages. Meet dressmakers, craftsmen, designers and small business owners and enjoy the city life of beautiful and fascinating Havana, Cuba.

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From $60 USD, 1-3 PAX // $165, 4-6 PAX $360

Pick up in the morning
Cruxero (Playa)
Medusa (Vedado)

LUNCH at Doña Eutimia (Price Not Included)

Freixas (Habana Vieja)
Cris Cris (Habana Vieja)
Clandestina (Habana Vieja)

Adriana Marcelo

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Outfits Tour
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