The History of Pinar del Río

Museo de Historia Provincial, Pinar del Rio

Daily 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Located on the main artery of the city, Calle Martí # 58, the Provincial History Museum collects the most important culture and history of Pinar territory. The building use to be the County Council since 1892 and, once established the Republic, was the seat of government, organizations and cultural institutions.

In the 70s the Cuban government decided to repair the property and in December 14 of 1979 it open its doors as Provincial Museum with a single room; two years after, that same day in 1981 the remaining exhibition rooms were opened.

Open daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm the museum offers guided visits with specialists of the place through the 6 rooms.

The Saloon of the Governor shows the economic, political and social evolution Pinar del Río experienced from the colonial times until the 1940's, while the Cigar Saloon is dedicated to the history of cigar, symbol of Pinar's economy and culture.

Another room recreates a dining hall and, representative of the lifestyle of Pinar middle class during the decades 1940-50, in which the Spanish Renaissance style dominated above others. The Saloon of Decorative Arts is fulfilled of pieces of great artistic value, including a large collection of crystals of different types and colors, porcelain, biscuit, a beautiful collection of wall plates, trays adorned with wings of butterflies and oil paintings of Cuban painters of the early twentieth century.

Finally, at the The Saloon of Pinar del Rio Creators you may listen to pieces composed by prominent musicians of the province, while the Transitional Saloon exposes exhibitions.

Karla Padrón Nardiz

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