Museo Histórico: Trinidad through its History

Museo Histórico de Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus

Daily, but Fridays. 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

The Museum of History is a majestic building that sums up the 500 years of existence of the legendary coastal village of Trinidad.

Better known as Palacio Cantero (Flowerbed Palace), the big house was erected near the Main Square in the beginnings of the 19th century, at the expense of the slave work in the sugar plantations. It is identified by an unusual architectural element in an urban dwelling: the lofty overlook tower from which a panoramic view of the city can be appreciated while enjoying the sea breeze.

Respecting the thread of events, its rooms exhibit archaic English cannons used by the residents to reject corsair and pirate attacks, shackles and whips from the landowners in the area used to subdue the African slaves, as well as fearful and rustic machetes handled with dexterity by the Cuban supporters of the independence movement in their struggle against the Spanish colony.

The spacious rooms have kept the aristocratic splendor of yesteryear, with furniture inspired by the Louis XV style and French porcelain crockery. Centenarian mural paintings stand out, executed with fine strokes by local and Italian artists.

Attending the museum is equivalent to travelling to the roots of Cuban nature, that is why its doors are hardly ever closed. Numerous visitors from all over the world bear witness to this with their pictures. Don’t be the exception.

Address: Calle Simón Bolívar No. 423 btw/ Gustavo Izquierdo and Rubén Martínez Villena, Trinidad.

Text by: Arturo Delgado Pruna

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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