Expoarte Crafts Fair

Expoarte Fair in Santa Clara, Villa Clara

Daily 08:30 AM - 06:30 PM

Visiting the showground Expoarte can be the perfect solution for that gift you wish to take to your family and friends, or that you just decide to keep as a souvenir of your outing days on the Caribbean island.

Here the artists from Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales (Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods) and the Artisan Association commercialize their works, so the art brand on the souvenirs is guaranteed. The small showground has a space for the working of precious metals, with pieces of dissimilar materials such as cultured pearls, marble and silver.

You can also acquire products made of leather, such as wallets, purses and shoes, pictorial works, miscellanies, some colorful license plates on which you might find your name, and handmade textiles by the distinguished city designer Oscar de la Portilla.

Address: Highway to Camajuaní, between Punta de la Cruz and Línea, just in front of the Monumento a la Acción contra el Tren Blindado (Monument to the action against the armored train).

Text by: Yariel Vadés González

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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