Museo Bacardí: A Visit to the Past

Museo Municipal Emilio Bacardí, Santiago de Cuba

Daily 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

In the historic downtown of Santiago de Cuba one of the most emblematic buildings is the Emilio Bacardi museum. It is the first museum dedicated to the rum business in Cuba. It's founder Emilio Bacardi Monreau was also a backer of Cuban independance from Spain.

Three monumental wooden doors open up to over 2,300 historic objects, documents, manuscripts, musical scores, antiques and famous people's belongings, including Egyptian mummies to the amusement of young children.

The highlight of the museum, according to its state run curators, are the artifacts and material relating to Cuba's military clashes and battles in the independance wars. The museum also houses a good collections of Spanish Renaissance art. One of the most impressive pieces according to the curators is the Juan Pantoja de la Cruz artwork. De la Cruz was a royal painter for King Fernando ll of Spain.

The three main halls take the visitor back in time. After a visit here, you will want to come back to fill in the missing links in your own history.

Beatriz Ortega

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