Valle de la Prehistoria: A Journey to the Past

Valle de la Prehistoria, Santiago de Cuba

Daily 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Located approximately 20 km from the city of Santiago de Cuba, the Valley of Prehistory is one of the most fantastic places in the Baconao Park.

Opened in 1989, the Valley has an outdoor exhibition of nearly 200 life-size sculptures of extinct species such as mammoths, pterodactyls, saber-toothed tigers and several species of birds, all separated by geological epochs. Equally attractive are the enormous sculptures of Homo Erectus or the man of Cromagnon, always with his stone ax.

Inside the Valley is also the Natural History Museum, where you will find interesting collections of natural sciences, insects from Cuba and the world, endemic birds and molluscs. The museum has become a place reminiscent of distant eras and invites adults and children alike to take care of nature and protect the environment.

The Naho Cavern, a cafeteria-restaurant that works full-time with various offers in CUP and CUC, recreates the habitat of the caveman with its walls full of cave paintings, as well as the outdoor terrace, which has panoramic views of huge elephants and a stampede of wild horses.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Every day

Prices: National: $ 1.00 CUP Adults

$ 0.40 Children

Foreigners: $ 1.00 CUC Adults and Children

Use of Camera: $ 5.00 CUC Foreigners $ 5.00 CUP Nationals

Address: Baconao Road Km 6 ½ Prehistory Park.

Booking Info:
Valle de la Prehistoria
53 (22) 399239

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