Colonial Architecture Museum

Museo de Arquitectura Colonial, Sancti Spíritus

All days 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

At the Museum of Architecture Colonial Trinidad you will learn the history of the buildings in the city told by its most faithful witnesses: doors, tiles, stained glass that have survived over the years.

Located in one of the sides of the Plaza Mayor of the city, is the this eighteenth century building that was home of the Sanchez Iznaga family. Known as Casa Azul, this place is unique of its kind in the country because it shows the development of vernacular house and helps to understand the urban layout of Trinidad in interaction with constructive ways and the economic development of the town.

Since it opened as a museum in 1979, the institution shows the artistic and craft Creole anonymous work and enables the visitor to appreciate the elements that characterize the local architecture and make of Trinidad the City Museum of the Caribbean.

In its eight permanent exhibition halls are exhibited objects of exceptional value among we can find a carved poly-chrome wood ceiling that mimics a Satyr; a fabulous collection of doors which includes paneled; a fragment originating daub wall of a disappeared building in the last century; and even a lithograph by Eduardo Laplante recreating a panoramic view of the trinitarian villa.

The Museum of Colonial Architecture of Trinidad offers multiple benefits to the community, including guided visits not only inside the museum, but also around different streets, squares of the city and Valle de los Ingenios. If you are close and you are one of those who has been seduced by the architectural majesty of the city, this is a site you must see.

B. Junco

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