Mojito Snack-Bar: Say Cheers!

Mojitos Snack Bar, Sancti Spíritus

Daily 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Everybody who knows a bit about Hemingway’s personal life is familiarized with this phrase: "My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridita”. Mojitos and daiquiris have become (thanks to Hemingway BTW!) the Gods drink. Only it’s worth if you take your shot in the Caribbean, in this tropical island. You have to be here, soul and body, otherwise, the magic faints.

I’m not suggesting anytime you feel like drinking mojitos or daiquiris you should go to Hemingway’s preferred haunts, no no no. The man needs a break, especially this old statue of his at Floridita’s. There’s many places where a bartender can make you mojitos (excellent and not expensive), places less crowded and certainly full of interesting stories to tell on your way back.

I’m thinking right now of Mojitos Snack-Bar in Trinidad City. If you don’t know where the place is, no matter, it will find you eventually. However, you need to keep your eyes open; this place is practically hidden behind tons of souvenir Cuban items. After shopping, a happy-faced bartender and three musicians await you.

If you have been walking under this suffocating heat, believe me, you will need two or three mojitos, for sure. This refreshing cocktail has everything you need for catch your breath, get rid of bad vibes and relax: white rum, sugar, sparkling water, lemon and spearmint. Get comfortable and stay as long as you want. Good things do not happen every day.

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