Parrilla Che Tango: the Best Barbecued Meat

Che Tango, Sancti Spíritus

Diario 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM

In a corner of the historical center of the city of Trinidad, next to the Main Square and the Museo de la lucha contra bandidos (Museum of the Fight against Bandits), there lies the warm Parrilla Che Tango (Che Tango Grill Bar).

Recommended by TripAdvisor, the restaurant has a portable grill service at the table, ideal to enjoy the final cooking process while talking to family and listening to the music by notable local composers.

Che Tango distinguishes itself by the mastery of its cooks who, according to the thickness of the meat and its fat, choose when to turn it over or how high the embers must be. The best charcoal, from sicklebush wood coming from nearby fields, intensifies the exquisite flavor and taste that this delicacy gives off, capable of seducing the most convinced vegetarian.

The grills of lobster, shrimp and fish, served on clay dishes molded by local craftsmen, look dazzling in their variants with garlic, chili, au gratin or battered. As much again happens with the Escalope Che Tango (with ham and cheese), the pig Mambrito à la pizza (cheese, tomato, onion) and the Neapolitan au gratin chicken steak.

As a grill without wine is like a body without a soul, the choice of a juicy red wine or a dense white one will complete the dinner and facilitate digestion.

The name Che Tango speaks of the historical link between Cuba and Argentina: guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara came to the West Indian island and here he forged his revolutionary convictions; all the way to Argentina went the habanera, a Cuban musical style that left its mark on tango.

In its interior walls, Che Tango shows the ancient colonial bricks from the 19th century, similar to those that in the same times in Argentina served as support for the houses where the international dance came alive.

Price Range: 10.00 - 48.00 CUC

24 hours' service.

Address: Pino Guinart (Boca) e/ Encarnación y Vicente Zullama, Trinidad

Text by: Arturo Delgado Pruna

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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