Restaurante Cubita: Singular Dishes of Biblical Hallmark

Restaurante Cubita, Sancti Spíritus

Daily 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Restaurant Cubita is located not far from the Museum of History and the Main Square. Recommended by TripAdvisor, Cubita offers international and typically Cuban meals, but it stands out because of its singular dishes of biblical hallmark, made with fresh food healthily cooked with a charcoal fire.

Very mouthwatering are Genesis (battered lobster, without shell), Abraham’s Lamb (shredded meat, white wine, tomato), Gideon’s Sword (shrimp and lobster in brochettes with maître sauce) or Jericho’s Delight (grilled chicken with ham, cheese and national sauce). Vegetarians have their chance with the succulent paella made with corn, cabbage, green beans and carrots.

As good music favors digestion, there is no shortage of infectious Cuban rhythms played by experienced local composers.

A small adjoining room to the bar is ideal to enjoy cocktails of the likes of Mojito, Cuba Libre, Canchánchara or the virile Carajillo coffee (mixed with Havana Club 7 years) in complicity with half-light colonial lamps and still lifes of appetizing fruits.

In one of its walls there is a display of bolts, hinges and nails that kept the chambers of demure young ladies from the 19th century safe.

Price Range: 10.00 CUC- 20.00 CUC

Address: Maceo # 471 e/ Simón Bolívar y Francisco Javier Zerquera, Trinidad

Text by: Arturo Delgado Pruna

Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez

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