Lola Restaurant: A Nature’s Cuisine

Lola Restaurant, Sancti Spíritus

Daily 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM

A few minutes walking from the Trinidad’s Plaza Mayor, on Maceo Street #415 between Francisco Javier Zerquera (Rosario) and Colón streets, a place is located that, although in its beginning it would reach its fame like an inn, nowadays deserves the recognition of being one from the first restaurants to visit in Sancti Spiritu. Open every day from 9:00 o’clock until midnight, with the option of spending the night in the inn if preferred.

Being one of the most elegant residences in the historical Trinidad, Lola Restaurant catches the attention of travelers with its elegant and simple looks. The great variety of Cuban typical flora in the surroundings and the beautiful craftwork of the furniture, imbues the restaurant a characteristic aroma that remains in the visitor’s hearts forever.

The cuisine possesses a wide variety of plates, with surprising marvels like the exquisite dessert made with natural juices and tropical fruits.

For those who want a relaxed dinner close to nature.

Fabio Henriquez

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