Jazz Café Restaurant: Alternative Jazz in Trinidad

Jazz Café in Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus

Daily 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM

The Jazz Café Restaurant located on Rosario Street #361 between Gloria and Media Luna streets in Trinidad, stands like a faithful replica to its original in Havana. Every day, with their doors opened from 9:00 am to 23:00 pm, it has been able to assure a symbiosis of music and flavors, leaving more than a pleasing memory in the visitor’s memories.

Proud of its menu, the restaurant’s food is based on traditional plates with lobster, pig meat, chicken, beef and shrimps. The formers can be served really spicy for those that prefer the food with strong flavors, which is a specialty of the house.

The music band is formed by a violinist, a percussionist, two guitarists and a vocalist, whom ease the hot city afternoons. Their music selection fuses Spanish and English lyrics, giving birth to an alternative jazz that lovers of good music will surely come to appreciate with pleasure.

A typical delight of Trinidad, especially for the music lovers, to complete the travel for the colonial city.

Fabio Henriquez

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