Crafts Fair El Caimán

El Caimán Crafts Fair, Matanzas

Daily 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Should you ever find yourself in the township of world-famous Varadero, have a look at this reasonably cool crafts spot right in front of Hotel Cuatro Palmas. Not too small and not too big, but just about the right size for the perceptive holidaymaker, this fair remains unspottedto most of travel maps and guides, for it is situated in the town’s easternmost end.

Of all craft displays stretching along Varadero’s main avenue, this one shows a proper balance between prices and quality, and holds a reasonable advantage in terms of artistry of items available. Another gain for paying a visitis the small shopping complex of which El Caimán Fair is a part.

In these government-owned shops visitors can good buy from a nice array of Romeo yJulieta and Cohiba cigars, and most of the premium spirits of Havana Club and Santiago de Cuba distinguished rum brands. Once in the fair, ask for Mr. Armando Martínez, a master carver, and let him know that Matanzas baseball team is not being very well managed lately. Then run!

Eloy Costa Arias

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