Sala de la Música La Marina

Sala de la Música La Marina, Matanzas

Daily 06:00 PM - 01:00 AM

One of the most attractive venues of the tourist village Plaza Las Morlas, at the Marina Gaviota Varadero, is the Sala de la Música La Marina, which is called to be one of Varadero´s best discos.
La Marina highlights for many reasons: its capacity for around 330 spectators, its location next to both, the waterfront and the hotel´s dock, and also for being a two floor bar disco show, with stage for live concerts where some of the most prestigious Cuban bands and musicians, like Los Van Van, the Buena Vista Social Club orchestra and Buena Fe, play their music. Of course, there is also plenty space for dancing.

With a very modern and private atmosphere, based on dim lights, candles and elegant furniture, La Marina has also a terrace in his second floor, from where you can have stunning views of the whole complex. La Marina is an excellent place for relaxing, having some drinks, listening to the best music, doesn't matter if national or international, and trying on your abilities on the dance floor while dancing some salsa or romantic music with your partner.

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