Vegas Robaina: The Best Cigars in the World

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The Cuban brand Vegas Robaina, acknowledged as the most famous one in Cuba, was created in 1997 and carries the name of D. Alejandro Robaina, one of the best tobacco growers in Cuba, whose figure appears in every box. Vegas Robaina cigars are manufactured by experienced cigar-rollers in the factory H. Upmann, in Havana, and also in the province of Pinar del Río.

Its vitolas (categories by size and shape of the cigar) comprehend five formats: Don Alejandro or Double Corona; Clásico or Lancero; Único or Pirámide; Familiar or Corona; and Famoso or Robusto. Each vitola is handmade, with long filler cigars, and is dressed with wrappers produced in Robaina family’s plantation, in Vuelta Abajo, where almost a third of the exports produced in Pinar del Río province come from.

Vegas Robaina is a brand that has been greatly looked after, with big formats and Cuban cigars that taste from medium to full bodied. The Robainas’ plantation is within the limits of the locality Cuchillas de Barbacoa (San Luis, Pinar del Río). Since 1845, this family has devoted itself to the growing and exquisite care of the prized tobacco leaves that are used to roll the best cigars in the world.

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