Reyno's Bazar: A Place for Arts

Reyno's Bazar, Villa Clara

Mon-Sat 09:30 AM - 04:30 PM

Craft items, very close to an artistic conception, are all over Reyno’s Bazar, a place in Santa Clara where you’ll find all kind of adornments for making your house or office an elegant art gallery.

Located on Calle Céspedes, between Plácido and Maceo, this place houses an exquisite sample of décor items, carefully made with different materials, such as wood, glass, pottery, metals, and others.

“Art is our DNA”, the slogan suggests. Reyno’s Bazar is the result of a family tradition, which, for more than ten years, has dedicated itself to the art crafts. For generations, these artists-artisans from Villa Clara have made real beauties by combining different styles, but always aiming to show their very personal identity.

In this small but cozy place, which opens from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 4:30, there are options for everybody: classic lamps, modern flower vases, minimalistic pieces, like vivid-colour pottery spheres, not to mention wooden pieces, paintings and others.

Clients have here the possibility of personalizing everything they want to buy; they can choose colour, shape and even ask for one with very personal requirements. Reyno’s Bazar is a unique opportunity for taking with you a beautiful memory that has, as guarantee, a very good taste.

Text:Yariel Valdés González

Translation: Javier Roque

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